Remote meter reading and switching of berth power and water

Orto-Mate Utility Management system offers unmatched control of your berth utilities from the convenience of your marina office. Orto-Mate allows for the remote monitoring and reading of berth power usage, enabling user pays systems for long-term and short-term stays. Additionally, Orto-Mate enables the remote switching of berth utilities. Remote switching prevents unauthorised use of berth power.

“The Orto-Mate system has been great for our marina. It’s wireless, easy to use and saves a significant amount of time and cost. It gives our pen holders the freedom to use electricity as needed and gives me the peace of mind that I can recover and monitor these expenses. Orto-Mate is simple use and gives us the flexibility to charge our pen holders either manually or automatically for their electricity consumption, in just a matter of seconds.”

Nich Port Coogee Marina

“We were searching for a system that allowed our customers the freedom to use electricity as they needed but gave us peace of mind over our electricity costs. Orto-Mate is cleverly designed and allows us to bill our customers for their electricity use from the convenience of the office. Those who use more pay more, those who use less pay less, ensuring a fairer system for all our customers, and for us!”

John & Michelle Young, Mackay



Remote meter reading and monitoring


Remote switching of berth power and water


Includes user-friendly Orto-Mate software, which can be used as a stand-alone billing system or integrated into an existing management software


Customized billing schedules (monthly, quarterly, yearly)


Plug and play 12V hardware for ease of installation and maintenance


Ongoing technical support available